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Björn-Ola Linnér


Societal Transformationscoping with climate and environmental changes and human development

To spur societal transformations worldwide that are able to cope environmental changes while advancing global development, we need to understand the interactions between climate action and sustainable development objectives, such as energy and food security.

Professor Linnér analyses how the political processes and actors affect conditions for social changes towards sustainable development in different parts of the world. An important part of his research is to develop new methods and platforms for analysis, such as Norrköping decision arena, climate visualization and surveys of international negotiations. Linnér has long experience in research dialogues with various societal actors, such as the climate convention’s secretariat, governments, businesses and environmental organizations. 

He is a member of the Research council of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and its scientific council for ecosystem services and biological diversity. He is fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry and Associate Senior Fellow at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).




Norrköping Decision Arena.

Centre for Climate Science and Policy Research, CSPR

CSPR is a platform for knowledge production to trigger and promote societal changes towards safe and just climate futures for all. Our goal is to create knowledge and methodological approaches that can support and advance climate actions.



AI4ClimateAdaptation explores the capacity of AI-based image processing and text mining to contribute to evaluating the accuracy of the national system for impact-based weather warnings and to contribute to the development of the system.

Mistra Geopolitics

A research programme that critically explores the interaction between geopolitics, security and global climate and environmental change.

Mistra Geopolitics

Watch the Mistra Geopolitics film “Navigating towards a secure and sustainable future”



Björn-Ola Linnér (2023) The Return of Malthus: Environmentalism and Post-war Population-Resource Crises
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Marie Francisco, Björn-Ola Linnér (2023) AI and the governance of sustainable development. An idea analysis of the European Union, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum Environmental Science and Policy, Vol. 150, Article 103590 Continue to DOI
Pam Feetham, Franco Vaccarino, Victoria Wibeck, Björn-Ola Linnér (2023) Using Talanoa as a Research Method can Facilitate Collaborative Engagement and Understanding between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities Qualitative Research, Vol. 23, p. 1439-1460, Article 14687941221087863 Continue to DOI


Alva Linnér, Björn-Ola Linnér (2022) Handelns geopolitik i en klimatförändrad värld Klimatet och den nya världsordningen, p. 137-157


Portrait picture of Björn-Ola Linnér sitting outside with some trees in the background.

Björn-Ola Linnér: I am a frustrated optimist

Climate researcher Björn-Ola Linnér never imagined an academic career. Here you can hear him talk about the road to  becoming a professor and, as a researcher, active in the environmental debate.

coal power and wind power

LiU researchers on the climate report: “A transition must come”

Research from Linköping University has contributed to the climate report from the UN’s IPCC, published on 9 August. “Sombre reading, but a proud day for science”, summarises Björn-Ola Linnér, professor of climate policy.

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“A lot of good is done for the environment in many parts of the world”

Researchers have studied how ordinary people around the world view environmental problems, and whether they face any in their day-to-day lives. The interviews gave the researchers hope – and some clever solutions.