This project looks at the experiences of assessment of students in compulsory school years 4–6 in connection with the introduction of the national grades or “betyg” and national tests for natural sciences- and social sciences-oriented subjects in year 6 and the conditions for pupils in school that were thereby changed.

 Foto: David Pyatt

The project throws light on pupils’ experience of assessment as a consequence of changes to the education system in the direction of a stronger State interest in gauging knowledge in a decentralised and competitive school system. Documenting results is nothing new in itself for this age group (years 4-6 or middle school), but the reintroduction of the national grading system, “betyg”, in year 6 and the implementation of several national tests has consequences for how knowledge assessment is carried out in the middle school, and – in the long run – for how students are raised and develop as schoolchildren.

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