We provide technical assistance to perform EM of tissue samples and cell cultures grown as monolayers or in suspensions as well as visualization of extracellular vesicles.

Our services include standard specimen preparation like fixation, embedding, single or serial sectioning, double and negative staining, correlative light and electron microscopy, freeze substitution, immunolabeling, carbon formvar coated mesh and slot grids. Our service also includes assistance with electron microscopic observation.

Bring your samples

1st step

2nd step

  • We provide the appropriate chemicals for the first steps (EM fixatives)
  • Bring you samples
  • We proceed to the EM preparation of samples

3rd step

Examples of electron microscopy techniques and methods

different kinds of samples enlarged in a electron microscope

The electron microscopy sample preparation has been done at the Microscopy Unit of Core Facility at Linköping University by maria.ntzouni@liu.se.

Equipment of the electron microscopy lab 

The electron microscopy lab consists of a transmission electron microscope (field emission gun operated at 100kV). Room temperature ultra-microtomes (thin sections of 200- 1000nm and ultrathin sections of 50-80nm).

Glass knife maker for production of glass knifes for thin sectioning. Ultrathin sectioning takes place with diamond knifes.

Carbon coater and glow discharge for preparation of stable, clean, formvar coated grids.

Plunge freezers for freezing of thick tissue slides and two freeze substitutions for embedding in acrylic resins (suitable for immunolabeling). Click image to enlarge:


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