In this project we have developed column generation methods for a kind of scheduling in telecommunication (uplink scheduling in SC-FDMA) and for solving transportation problems with both fixed and linear costs. We have also developed a meta-heuristic search method for column-oriented models. The method is of a large neighbourhood search type where the repair step is to generate a column.

This work has resulted in Yixin Zhao's doctoral thesis: On the Intergration of Heuristics with Column-Oriented Models for Discrete Optimization.


This was a project within the Research school in interdisciplinary mathematics. The following people were involved: PhD student Yixin Zhao (graduated 2016), Torbjörn Larsson (main supervisor), Elina Rönnberg (co-supervisor). The telecommunication part of the project was carried out in collaboration with Di Yuan, Communications and Transport Systems, Department of Science and Technology, Linköping University.