Discrete optimization as decision support

It is fascinating that mathematical models and algorithms can be used to compute and suggest a good choice when faced with a decision so complex that it is difficult for a human to grasp all aspects of it. For me, our research is about pushing the limits for when optimization can be of practical use, both with respect to how a problem is modelled, and through the development of efficient solution strategies. My research is within discrete optimization, with a special interest in decomposition methods, and the applications are mainly within scheduling and resource allocation.

Professional activities

Student theses

  • “A comparison of different models for sequencing of tasks in avionic scheduling” by Jessika Boberg, 2017. In collaboration with Saab.
  • “Minimization of data latency in off-line scheduling of periodic tasks” by Ariyan Abdulla and Erik Andersson, 2017. In collaboration with Arcticus Systems and Mikael Asplund, Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA).

List of student theses in DiVA

List of student theses not in DiVA (PDF)

Current teaching

  • Operations Research, Extended Course (TAOP37) for Industrial Engineering and Management, and Industrial Engineering and Management - International
  • Project - Applied Mathematics (TATA62) for Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering

Research domain

PhD students

Former PhD students

Yixin Zhao, 2012-2016



Mathias Blikstad, Emil Karlsson, Tomas Lööw, Elina Rönnberg

A constraint generation procedure for pre-runtime scheduling of integrated modular avionic systems

Conference paper


Yixin Zhao, Torbjörn Larsson, Di Yuan, Elina Rönnberg, Lei Lei

Power efficient uplink scheduling in SC-FDMA: benchmarking by column generation

Article in journal

Fred Mayambala, Elina Rönnberg, Torbjörn Larsson

Tight Upper Bounds on the Cardinality Constrained Mean-Variance Portfolio Optimization Problem Using Truncated Eigendecomposition

Conference paper

Yixin Zhao, Torbjörn Larsson, Elina Rönnberg

A Large Neighbourhood Search Principle for Column-Oriented Models: Theoretical Derivation and Example Applications

Conference paper


Fred Mayambala, Elina Rönnberg, Torbjörn Larsson

Eigendecomposition of the mean-variance portfolio optimization model

Chapter in book


Elina Rönnberg, Torbjörn Larsson

All-integer column generation: Basic principles and extensions

Article in journal