ECIU – the European Consortium of Innovative Universities – is a network of 12 universities with much in common. All are known as innovators within higher education, while entrepreneurship and collaboration with the society around is central for all. All universities are active in both technology and the social sciences. ECIU is a strategically important network for LiU.

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ECIU University Creathon 2024.

A Creathon focused on solving the future digital cities

Future digital cities and municipalities face several challenges. How can they deliver socially beneficial information when digital development is faster than ever, and the audience is overrun with a continuous, constant flow of information?

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Jan-Ingvar Jönsson new president of ECIU

Linköping University’s Vice-Chancellor Jan-Ingvar Jönsson has been appointed new president of the European network for innovative universities in Europe, ECIU.

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Objective: finding creative solutions to real problems

ECIU University, the virtual university, is celebrating its fifth birthday. In the university, LiU students have the opportunity to work in international and multidisciplinary groups with the objective of finding creative solutions to real problems.