LiU SAI - Scene for AI

LiU SAI – Scene for AI – is an arena in which we arrange lectures and events with a focus on AI, in the partnership with AI Sweden.

The aim is to promote the AI-related work being done both at Linköping University and in regional industry. The idea with Scene for AI is to generate interest and be a natural gathering place for everybody who is interested in AI, thereby stimulating collaborations both within the university, local businesses and with other regional national and international actors interested in AI.

This page will be updated continually with new events. Be sure to come back here regularly. All events will be open for academia, industry and the general public. However, the specific target groups, technical depth and language will vary from event to event.

All the events will be recorded and available to watch here afterwards.

Are you interested in participating, or curious about a subject that we haven't touched upon yet? Feel free to get in touch! 

Anders Arpteg speaks at LiU SAI in Zenith
Anders Arpteg talks at LiU SAI in Zenith - 2022
Hector föreläsare framför en publik
Hector Geffner talks at LiU SAI in Lövverket, Studenthuset - 2022

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LiU SAI #5

Welcome to a half day in Norrköping with interesting lectures and talks about AI, 23 May 08.30-12.00. This event will be held mostly in Swedish. 

The rapid development in artificial intelligence means both great opportunities and significant challenges for individuals, companies and organizations as well as for society as a whole. To shed light on and discuss the development and its consequences, Linköping University invites you to a half day where national and international experts give their views on the possibilities and challenges of AI development. The event is for anyone with an interest in AI development and its consequences, especially for decision-makers in the private and public sector. Welcome!

At the event, Jeannette Wing (Executive Vice President for Research, Columbia University) and Göran Lindsjö (Senior Advisor, AI Sweden) will present development and challenges from an international perspective. Furthermore, Miriam Ben Hadj Ali (Ministry Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure) will present the development and its consequences from a government and EU perspective, followed by presentations by Anders Ynnerman (Program Director, Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program) and Fredrik Heintz (Professor and Director of LiU’s AI initiative) on trends, challenges and opportunities in AI-related research and education.


Intro: P-O Brehmer, deputy vice-chancellor, Linköping University

Dr Jeannette Wing, Executive Vice President for Research and Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University:
Forskningsfronten och utvecklingstrender inom AI (based on Ten Research Challenge Areas in Data Science)

Göran Lindsjö, Senior Rådgivare, AI Sweden:
Så påverkar AI-revolutionen individer, välfärd och företag världen över

Miriam Ben Hadj Ali, Departementssekreterare vid enheten för samhällets digitalisering på Infrastrukturdepartementet:
AI-utvecklingen ur ett departements- och EU-perspektiv

Anders Ynnerman, Program Director at Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program:
Utvecklingen inom AI-relaterad forskning – trender, utmaningar och möjligheter

Fredrik Heintz, Professor of Computer Science at Linköping University:
Accelerera utvecklingen inom AI-området vid Linköpings universitet

This is a preliminary schedule, details might change. 

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Thor Balkhed

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LiU SAI - Scene for AI #5 - Norrköping

AI lectures in Norrköping. More details and the agenda, go to

Start 23 May 2022, 8.30 am
End 23 May 2022, 12.00 pm
Location Norrköping Visualiseringscenter C
Contacts Micael Frideros
+46 13 28 13 38

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LiU SAI #4 AI in the service of democracy

Listen to Anders Arpteg, the Swedish Security Service. Recorded in Zenit, Campus Valla, Linköping University 3 May 2022.

LiU SAI #3

Model-free, Model-based, and General Intelligence. Listen to Hector Geffner, Wallenberg Guest Professor within AI.

LiU SAI #2

This lecture was held in Swedish.

How do we avoid unfair AI systems?

About discrimination, human rights and legal regulations of AI system.

LiU SAI #1

Fredrik Heintz, LiU presents the AI activities at LiU and the wide range of courses and skills in AI at LiU. Annette Bystedt, AI Sweden, presents the regional node at AI Sweden.

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