Collaboration in AI

Research collaboration and collaboration with the Östergötland region

In this video, Linköping University (LiU) researchers demonstrate how autonomous drones can work together and with humans to help people in emergency situations in inaccessible parts of the Alps. The demonstration project is included in a larger context in the huge research initiative WASP – the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program – where LiU is the host university. It is a national research initiative with a total budget of 6,2 billion SEK, where of 4,9 billion SEK is donated by Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The rest is co-funding from partner universities and Swedish industry. It will continue at least until 2031 with focus on excellent research in AI and autonomous systems and software.

LiU is also home to AIDA – the Analytic Imaging Diagnostic Arena – a Swedish arena for research and innovation in artificial intelligence used in medical image analysis. AIDA is a forum in which the academic world, the healthcare system and industry meet to translate technical advances in AI into patient benefit.

As well as those mentioned above, there are even more networks, centres and groups related to AI at Linköping University.

AI sustainability center

AI Sweden

AI Competence for Sweden

Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society

Below you can read about a research collaboration that the University has with the Air Navigation Services of Sweden: LFV. In the field of air traffic control, a system is created for detecting and resolving conflicts based on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods.

Contact for collaboration and innovation

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