AI Education


Over 100 courses in AI

There are over 100 university courses related to AI. These courses can be taken on programmes such as:

  • Master’s Programme in Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Bachelor’s Programme in Cognitive Science
  • Master’s Programme in Cognitive Science

Many other Master’s degree programs contain elements of AI. You can choose to participate in AI courses on all our Master’s degree programmes. There are also freestanding courses for all interested.

AI Academy is an initiative that seeks to challenge talented students from a wide variety of programmes with exciting real-world AI problems. Read more in the menu above under AI Academy.

AI courses

AI for natural language, 3 credits

Course contentWriting computer programs that understand and produce human language is a central goal of artificial intelligence. This course aims to provide an understanding of how far we are from this goal: what is and what is not possible today....

Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, 7.5 credits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere and in many different forms, intelligent assistance in mobile phones and self-driving vehicles being some examples. An increased reliance on advanced AI systems for vital societal functions gives rise to ...

Advanced Machine Learning, 6 credits

The course covers advanced topics in machine learning, primarily from  Bayesian perspective. A major part of the course is devoted to the graphical models, such as Hidden Markov Models, Bayesian networks, Markov random fields and other methods.  T...

AI courses in programmes

Advanced Data Mining
Advanced Machine Learning
AI Robotics
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence for Interactive Media
Automated Planning
Autonomous Vehicles - Planning, Control, and Learning Systems
Bayesian Learning
Big Data Analytics
Big Data Analytics
Big Data: Social Processes and Ethical Issues
Cognitive Technology and Artificial Intelligence
Cognitive Science Introductory Course
Complex networks and big data
Computational Statistics
Computer Vision
Data Analytics for Smart Cities
Data Mining - Clustering and Association Analysis
Decision Theory
Deep Learning
eHealth: Aims and Applications
eHealth: Digital Applications on Promoting Health and Preventing Disease
Engineering and Cognitive Psychology
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Autonomous Systems
Image Processing and Analysis
Information Technology Law
Intelligent Virtual Agents and Social Robots
Internet of Things
Language Technology
Language Technology
Logic Programming
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Machine Learning for Computer Vision
Machine Learning for Social Media
Matrix Methods for AI
Modelling and Learning for Dynamical Systems
Multiple Regression and Time Series Analysis
Multiple Regression and Time Series Analysis
Neural Networks and Learning Systems
Neural Networks and Learning System
Organisational Development and Digitalization
Planning for a Sustainable Information Society
Probability Theory and Bayesian Networks
Quantitative Models and Analysis in Operations Management
Scientific Visualization Smart Cities
Sports Analytics
Statistical Modelling with Regression Methods
Text Mining
The Digitization of Society