Notable alumni

Alumni from Linköping University contribute to society in many ways. Here are some examples of successful alumni.

Andreas Norlén, talman och f d LiU-anställd doktorand, senare programansvarig för Affärsjuridik. OBS - endast muntligt samtycke.Andreas Norlén, Speaker of the Riksdag and LiU alumnus, visits Linköping University. Photo credit: Charlotte Perhammar

Gunilla Carlsson, UNAIDS Deputy Executive Director Management and Governance

Gunilla Carlsson is an alumna from single-subject courses at LiU. She has had a long career in politics with the Moderate Party, including as Minister for International Development Cooperation 2006–2013. Gunilla Carlsson joined UNAIDS in 2018 as the deputy executive director for management and governance and assistant secretary-general of the United Nations.

Marie Ekström Trägårdh, Executive Vice President of Sectra

Marie Ekström Trägårdh is an alumna of Medical Informatics at LiU. Since 1999 she has been president of various operations within the company Sectra, which helps hospitals throughout the world to enhance the efficiency of care, and authorities and defence forces in Europe to protect society's most sensitive information. Today Marie Ekström Trägårdh is executive vice president of Sectra and president of Sectra Imaging IT Solutions.

Andreas Norlén, Speaker of the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)

Andreas Norlén has a master’s degree and a PhD, both in commercial and business law, from Linköping University. He was elected member of parliament for the Moderate Party in 2006, and was chair of the Committee on the Constitution 2014–2018. In September 2018 he was elected speaker of the Swedish parliament. The speaker’s job is to direct the work of the parliament.

Carl-Henric Svanberg, Chairman of Volvo

Carl-Henric Svanberg is an alumnus of Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at LiU. He was CEO of Ericsson 2003–2009 and chairman of BP 2010–2018. In 2012 he became chairman of Volvo and since 2018 has been chairman of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, IVA. Carl-Henric Svanberg holds an honorary doctorate from Linköping University from 2006.

Zhihua Zhong, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Professor Zhihua Zhong has a doctorate from at Linköping University, where he has also been assistant professor and tenured associate professor. His research interests include machinery, design, automobile design and manufacturing technology. He was president of Hunan University 2005–2011 and of Tongji University 2016–2018. In 2005 Professor Zhong was elected as member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, CAE, and in 2018 he became its vice president.

Other notable alumni

  • Mihai Aldén, Technical Achievement Award (Oscar) for visualisation tool
  • Suad Ali, expert on Sweden’s refugee quota
  • Elnaz Baghlanian, editor-in-chief of “The Dissident Blog”, published by Swedish PEN
  • Mattias Bergbom, Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Visual Effects
  • Pär Boman, chairman of Handelsbanken (one of Sweden’s main banks) and SCA (global hygiene and forestry products company)
  • Nashwa Eassa, physicist and founder of the organisation Sudanese Women in Sciences
  • Rickard Gustafson, president and CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, SAS
  • Sofie Lindblom, co-founder and CEO of the global innovation platform ideation360, former global innovation manager of Spotify
  • Åsa Lindhagen, minister for gender equality, with responsibility for anti-discrimination and anti-segregation (Swedish Green Party)
  • Sami Said, author
  • Åke Svensson, president of Swedavia (Swedish Airports) and the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries (Teknikföretagen), former CEO of Saab
  • Magnus Wrenninge, Technical Achievement Award (Oscar) for computer graphics library

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