Alumni of the Year

Each year, Linköping University chooses two Alumni of the Year to recognise the work and commitment of previous students.

To be chosen as Alumni of the Year, the candidate must have studied at Linköping University for at least two years on a full-time basis, and subsequently achieved highly, devoted her- or himself to an important cause or done something else worthy of recognition.

Nominate someone for Alumni of the Year

To nominate a candidate for Alumni of the Year 2024, email, or fill out this form. The nomination must include the candidate’s name, programme of study, a brief description of what the candidate has done and of why you feel she or he deserves the award.

Alumni of the Year 2022

Gunilla Lööf and Salad Hilowle are Linköping University’s Alumni of the Year for 2022.

Two persons smiles in the camera.

Gunilla Lööf and Salad Hilowle are the 2022 Alumni of the Year at Linköping University. Photo credit Thor Balkhed

Nurse anaesthetist Gunilla Lööf has fought for more than 25 years for the right of children and adolescents to prepare themselves for their interaction with the healthcare system; she has also founded the innovative healthcare website the Anaesthesia Web.

Artist and film director Salad Hilowle works to make people of African descent a natural part of Swedish cultural history. 

On 7 October, they received their awards at LiU’s University Hospital Campus in Linköping.

Magnus Johansson
Magnus Johansson
Happy people on stage. Text in the background:
The Alumni of the Year ceremony in 2022. Magnus Johansson
Magnus Johansson
Magnus Johansson
Magnus Johansson
Magnus Johansson

Alumni of the Year 2022 - Gunilla Lööf and Salad Hilowle

Alumni of the Year 2021 - Cecilia Bödker Pedersen and Martin Hultman

Alumni of the Year 2020 - Linnea Bergman and Anders Tegnell

Alumni of the Year 2019 - Sara Magnusson and Andreas Norlén

Speaker of the Swedish parliament discusses democray

Speaker of the Swedish parliament Andreas Norlén, alumnus from Linköping University, shares his views on democracy and describes how they guide him in his work.

Alumni of the Year 2018 - Rebecka Le Moine and Eva Uustal 

Alumni of the Year 2017 - Sofie Lindblom and Oskar Henrikson 

Alumni of the Year 2016 - Suad Ali and Thomas Lunner 

Alumni of the Year 2015 - Kajsa Andersson and Mihai Aldén

Alumni of the Year 2014 - Elnaz Baghlanian and Peter Agnefjäll

Elnaz Baghlanian

LiU alumna from Literary Studies, who uses her passion for social issues, her artistic talents and her knowledge of literature to enable others to express themselves freely.

Peter Agnefjäll

LiU alumnus from Business Administration, who has had a remarkable career, starting out on the sales floor and advancing to CEO of a world-leading corporation.

Alumni of the Year 2013 - Maha Bouzeid and Jonas Ludvigsson

Maha Bouzeid

LiU alumna from Industrial Engineering and Management, who inspires others by way of her fascinating career and her efforts to see more women reach senior management roles.

Jonas Ludvigsson

LiU alumnus from Medicine, who combines a successful career as a researcher with his practice as a paediatrician, and generously shares his knowledge and engagement.

Alumni of the Year 2012 - Carina Brage and Melker Becker

Carina Brage

LiU alumna from Education, who is passionate about sustainable, joyful learning – outdoors and with one’s whole body – in science and engineering.

Melker Becker

LiU alumnus from Culture, Society and Media Production, who can convey knowledge to a TV audience in a way that is easy to grasp, in fields as diverse as hard rock and neo-gothic church architecture.

Alumni of the Year 2011 - Jeanette Mikkelsen and Erik Thorstensson

Jeanette Mikkelsen

LiU alumna from Social Work, who works to bring improvements to elderly care.

Erik Thorstensson[No text in field]

LiU alumnus from Mechanical Engineering, who contributes to a sustainable world by creating new products out of surplus materials from the industrial sector.

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