The Institute for Reseach on Migration, Ethnicity and Society (REMESO) has a board consisting of prominent researchers and intellectuals and an International Advisory Board (IAB) composed of internationally distinguished scholars.

The purpose of REMESO's board is to provide a forum for strategic discussion to develop REMESO as a research environment. The International Advisory Board will support REMESO in establishing it as an international center of research excellence.  


REMESO is proud to have a board consisting of prominent researchers and intellectuals within REMESO's research field.

The board consists of researchers who from a strategic perspective are important for the development of REMESO, as well as intellectuals outside Linköping University who in various ways, based on their knowledge and expertise, can support the development of REMESO as a socially engaged intellectually creative research environment.

The board also includes a doctoral student representative on a proposal from the doctoral student board. The director of REMESO, who is also the main rapporteur, is adjunct to the board, together REMESO's head of division, IKOS head of department, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and deputy university director with responsibility for strategic support for the university's research.

The Board of REMESO, 2024-2026

The Vice-Chancellor has appointed the following persons to be members of the Board of REMESO for the period March 5, 2021 to December 31, 2026:


  • Lisa Pelling, political scientist, head of the think tank Arena Idé




Adjunct with right to be present and speak

  • Per Dannetun, Director of Research, Linköping University
  • Stefan Jonasson, Head of Division, REMESO, Linköping University
  • Lars Jämterud, Head of department, Department of Culture and Society (IKOS)
  • Ulf Melin, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FILFAK)


In addition, the following are appointed as director and deputy director of REMESO during the same period

  • Anders Neergaard, Professor, Director of REMESO
  • Claudia Tazreiter, Professor, Deputy director of research REMESO


International Advisory Board

REMESO is proud to have an International Advisory Board (IAB) composed of internationally distinguished scholars in the field of REMESO’s research.

The scholars of the IAB will be invited to give a talk on UpToDate cutting edge research, as well as in participating in international research workshops. The IAB will support REMESO in strategic decisions in developing research projects and programs. Membership of the IAB is an honorary position.

REMESO International Advisory Board, 2021-2023

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