University Board

The University Board is the highest decision-making body at the university.

It is responsible to the government for ensuring that Linköping University, LiU, meets its objectives. The board takes decisions regarding budget, annual report, LiU's organisation, etc. It also appoints deputy vice-chancellors (“prorektorer” in Swedish), and proposes to the government whom it should appoint as vice-chancellor.

The University Board includes representatives of the general public (companies, organisations, etc.) and operations (academic staff and students).

Members of the University Board

  • Chair: Lena Sommestad, Governor of Halland County (photo)Lena Sommestad 2016. Foto Länstyrelsen Halland
  • Helen Dannetun, Vice-Chancellor

General representatives

  • Kristina Alsér, Development Strategist
  • Jonas Bjelfvenstam, Director General, Swedish Transport Agency
  • Jan-Håkan Hansson, former Vice-Chancellor at Ersta Sköndal Bräcke University College
  • Kjell Åke Hansson, CEO/consultant, Vinga Media AB
  • Dan Jangblad, Senior Vice President, Saab AB
  • Ulrika Unell, CEO Lärande Förvaltning i Östergötland AB
  • Kerstin Wigzell, former Director General

Academic staff representatives

  • Magnus Berggren, Professor, Department of Science and Technology
  • Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, Professor, Department of Thematic Studies
  • Birgitta Öberg, Professor, Department of Medical and Health Sciences

Student representatives

  • Linnea Michel, Chair, LinTek (Union of Technology and Science Students)
  • Linn Davidsson, Chair, StuFF (Union for students at Educational Sciences and Faculty of Arts and Sciences)
  • Jacob Larsson, Chair, Consensus (Union for students at Medicine and Health Sciences)
  • Fredrik Lindeberg, PhD student, substitute member


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