The terms and conditions of use for library e-resources, such as e-journals, e-books and databases, are regulated by copyright and conditions of contract. Here we give you the basics.

Linköping University Library (LiUB) has contractual agreements with several different providers giving you access to a variety of electronic resources. These agreements regulate what rights you have as a library patron. Some of these agreements are centrally administrated by the National Library of Sweden (Kungliga biblioteket).

Each provider has its own set of rules in their agreement. Any breach against these agreements, on your part, may be detrimental to access rights for the entire university (LiU). By using common sense and avoiding improper use you can help protect all LiU users’ access to electronic resources.

Further details on the agreements administrated by the National Library of Sweden are available at:

Avtalsinformation. Kungliga biblioteket (in Swedish only)

Guidelines in the use of electronic resources

  • The material may not be used for financial gain.
  • Copying or downloading is only permissible for strictly personal use. You may print, copy, photocopy or download any electronic media only for your own personal, non-commercial, academic study and research.
  • For all non-personal use permission must be acquired from the copyright owner.
  • You, the end user, are required to read the information regarding the electronic media providers’ usage rights, usually accessible on their homepage.
  • You are required to list the source of any used material in your documentation.
  • Systematic or automatic copying or downloading of entire journal issues or books is strictly forbidden.
  • The selling, distribution or forwarding of copyrighted material through web pages, email or on print to sources outside of Linköping’s University is strictly forbidden.
  • You may not change or distort the material at its source.
  • Plagiarism is not allowed.

Rules for teachers and students

When teaching or studying, one may sometimes be required to make photocopies of books and magazines. Because this material is Copyrighted, certain rules or agreements have been set up on what you are allowed to do with Copyrighted material. For special use by Universities and Schools of Higher Education, Bonus Copyright has helped organize a subset of agreements. 

Please note that when conditions differ between the library’s agreements with publishers and conditions in the Bonus Copyright Access agreement, the library’s agreements always take the upper hand. See Clause 10b in General terms and conditions for reproduction and making available at higher education institutions effective from 2014. This document and other information can be found on the Bonus Copyright website:

Bonus Copyright Access - About Bonus 

Open Access Media

There are certain electronic journals which are "Open Access."  Most of them are listed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), a quality controlled list of free journals. This material may be freely used as long as the source is quoted, the content is not misquoted or plagiarized.


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