As a student or employee at Linköping University you have access to library e-resources 24/7. This guide will provide you with the information you need to access articles, e-books and databases.

Off-campus access

Access library e-resources through the UniSearch search service or one of our databases.

Students and employees at Linköping University get access to library e-resources with their LiU-ID. When you click a link to one of our e-resources, a box will appear where you sign in with your LiU-ID and password.

Your LiU-ID consists of the first three letters in your first name, the two first letters in your last name and a two or three digit number combination. For example:


Database list

Browser add-ons

An alternative to logging in with your LiU-ID is to use one of the following add-ons for easier access to journals when you're not on campus.

Once you have found a resource that you want to access, click on the add-on, and the page will be loaded through the proxy service. Sometimes you have to reload the page manually.


• Install EZProxy Redirect
• Right-click on the book icon that appears next to the URL field in Chrome and go to "Options"
• Choose "Linköping University" in the menu "Select school"


• Install EZProxy Redirect Foxified
• In the Firefox menu, go to Extensions and select Settings for EZProxy EZProxy Redirect Foxified
• Select “Linköping University” under “Select School”

Frequently asked questions about e-resources

How do I check for full text access?

If you have found an article or some other electronic material in one of our databases, you then check its availability by clicking on the button "LiU Full Text:"

Image of LiU full text
The button is located under each item in the hitlist, and in the abstract of the article. Sometimes it consists only of the text "LiU Full Text."

In the library’s search service UniSearch, the full text link can be found under "Access options."

Can I use VPN to access library e-resources?

If you’re an employee at Linköping University, you can use the VPN service FortiClient, which will give you automatic access to the library’s e-resources as if you were on campus. This option is not available for students.

If you use another VPN service, you need to log in to library e-resources in one of the ways described above.

As a new student, what do I have to do to get access to the Library’s e-resources?

You have to be officially registered as a LiU student to get access. Make sure you have completed all steps in: Checklist for starting a course at LiU.

When having done so, you will have to wait approximately 24 hours to have access to library e-resources with your LiU-ID.

I have problems accessing library e-resources. What can I do?

Try one the following measures:

  • Clear the cache memory and history in your web browser
  • Try another web browser

If none of these suggestions work, contact us via e-mail:

How do I clear cache and history in my browser?

Follow the instructions for your web browser below. When having done that, you need to close and restart your browser.

Microsoft Edge

Delete cookies in Microsoft Edge


Clear cache & cookies

Mozilla Firefox

How to clear the Firefox cache


Clear your browsing history in Safari on Mac

How do I access library e-resources if I am not a LiU student or employee?

You can access almost all our e-resources on a walk-in basis. Via a selection of dedicated computers in the library you have access to e-resources with smart card-sign in. You can borrow a smart card at the library enquiry desk with a valid LiU library card.
If you are not able to find the answer to your question or want to report a problem with library e-resources, you are welcome to email us at:

Video: The Digital Library

The Digital Library

Learn more about how to access library e-resources off-campus with this YouTube video.

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