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The digital library gives you access to electronic resources 24/7. This guide will provide you with the information you need to access articles, e-books and databases, within as well as outside LiU’s computer network.

Access to e-resources

Electronic resources, or e-resources, is an umbrella term for e-articles, e-books, e-journals, databases, websites, mobile interfaces etc. Off-campus, only LiU students and employees have access to the library's e-resources.

Check for access with LiU Full Text

If you have found an article or some other electronic material in one of our databases, you then check its availability by clicking on the button "LiU Full Text":

Image of LiU full text
The button is located under each item in the hitlist, and in the abstract of the article. Sometimes it consists only of the text "LiU Full Text".

In the library’s search service UniSearch, the button has a different look:

Image of LiU full text in UniSearch

Off-campus access

As a student or employee at LiU, you can access the library’s e-resources while outside LiU’s network by logging in with your LiU-ID. E-resources that require LiU-ID identification have a URL that starts with 

For example, an electronic resource with the URL, will have the following appearance:

Browser add-ons

An alternative to logging in with your LiU-ID is to use one of the following add-ons for easier access to journals when you're not on campus. Once you have found a resource that you want to access, click on the add-on, and the page will be loaded through the proxy service. Sometimes you have to reload the page manually. 

Install EZProxy Redirect
Right-click on the book icon that appears next to the URL field in Chrome and go to "Options"
Choose "Linköping University" in the menu "Select school"


Install EZProxy Redirect Foxified
In the Firefox menu, go to Extensions and select Settings for EZProxy EZProxy Redirect Foxified
Select “Linköping University” under “Select School” 


If you use FortiClient VPN service, you automatically have access to library resources off-campus. Note that this is not the case if you are using Cisco Anyconnect. Then you need to log in to library resources in one of the ways described above.

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