The meaning of vocal practices in social interaction

Coming from a professional background in Speech and Language Pathology, academic studies in French and Linguistics as well as education in music and singing, my main area of interest is interpersonal communication. Particularly, I’ve taken a great interest in the pragmatics of language, extra-linguistic features such as prosody, gaze and gestures as well as neurolinguistics and cognition. Furthermore, I’m intrigued by aesthetic means of expression. 

Currently, I occupy a PhD position within the project “Vocal practices for coordinating human action”. The overall purpose of the project is to question the liminal borders between concepts such as language and non-language, language and body as well as our inner and outer environments. We study simultaneous use of different semiotic resources (for example language, gesture, gaze) in social interaction, focusing particularly on the use of voice beyond that of language. What does the use of different semiotic resources, and their internal preference structure, tell us about the concepts of language and interpersonal communication? My contribution to the project concerns interaction in artistic contexts and I focus on the relationship between aesthetic and linguistic expression. My research methods are multimodal interaction analysis and phenomenology. 

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