The Language and Culture research environment

Le mur des je t'aime. Place des Abbesses, Paris. By Britchi Mirela [CC BY-SA 3.0  (], from Wikimedia Commons.

The research environment Language and Culture is a meeting place for linguistic and literary research, which is unified by an interest in the interplay between language and culture in everyday, literary, medial, artistic and professional contexts. Our research deals with anything from everyday conversations and multimodal interaction to literary texts and reading cultures.

Since its inception in 2000, the research environment Language and Culture has provided a means for students to build on their bachelor and master studies in modern foreign languages, Swedish, Swedish as a second language, general linguistics and comparative literature.

The environment is an interdisciplinary forum for linguistic and literary research, its point of departure being the linguistic expression in all its varied forms: informal and professional, textual and multimodal, functional and artistic.

The forms of expression, products and processes that are studied within our environment can comprise anything from everyday talk to literary texts, from multimodal interaction to digital media, from institutional communication to archives and databases. These are related both to social, cultural, medial and material contexts as well as to their respective traditions.

Our research environment is a place where linguists and literary scholars speak to each other and work together. Yet this does not prevent research projects based on the shared frame of reference outlined above from having a clear linguistic or literary orientation.



"Doing language" - new edition

The second edition of Jan Anward's book Doing language is now available on DiVA. This edition includes an introduction by Per Linell, as well as minor changes suggested by Jan Anward’s close colleagues and approved by him.

Jan Anward, Doing language, Studies in Language and Culture No 33, Linköping University.

Portrait of a woman standing by a window looking into the camera.

The new Tage Danielsson professor is a researcher, poet and artist

She is a cultural theorist with an interest in philosophy, politics, media theory and art. In addition to this, she is also a writer and an artist. Keti Chukhrov is the new holder of Linköping University’s Tage Danielsson visiting professorship.

Woman standing on a ladder by a bookshelf reading a book.

Among noble ladies, literature and politics

What did ladies of the nobility read, and how did they read? Were they active readers who discussed books, and did literature enter their salons to become part of political discussions? Johanna Vernqvist, PhD in literature, takes an interest in this.

Black and white photo on a glimmering lake with trees in front of it.

A new literature on a changed planet

Disaster and endings. These are recurrent themes in literature over the centuries. But recently, apocalyptic books are appearing at an increasing pace, and some of them are taking on new forms. How do they depict a changing planet?




Former collaborators

Former collaborators

Jan Anward
Former professor emeritus in language and culture. Director of the graduate school in Language and Culture in Europe 2000-2012.

Alia Amir

Nazli Avdan

Frank Baasner
Former guest professor in language and culture.

Eva Carlestål

Solveig Daugaard

Carin Franzén

Elisabet Hammar

Martin Hellström

Ingrid Hermerén

Johan Hofvendahl

Rickard Karlsson

Per Linell
Former professor emeritus in language and culture.

Maria Lindholm

Jenny Magnusson

Ali Reza Majlesi

Jenny Malmqvist

Tiina Mäntymäki

Niklas Norén

Margaret Omberg

Jan Paul Strid
Former professor emeritus in language and culture.

Ellen Söderblom Saarela

Mechtild Tronnier

Pamela Vang

Cecilia Wadensjö

Jenny Öqvist



Former guest researchers

Anna Carlstedt

Unn Falkeid
Guest researcher

Lorenza Mondada
Guest professor

Antonia Steger
Guest doctoral student

Ioana Maria Stoenica
Guest doctoral student

Anna Vatanen
Guest doctoral student

Ann Weatherall
Guest professor