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Ahmed Kaharevic

PhD student

I am a doctoral student in political science. My I research is about how digitalisation changes the relationship between people, politics, and society. My dissertation is about participation and digital inclusion in marginalized Swedish suburbs.

Digitalization – Opportunities and risks

Digital participation is not only a leverage but also a prerequisite for being able to participate in society and politics. There are high hopes for what can be achieved with digitalisation, and high ambitions in politics, but in order to harness the opportunities of digital transformation, people need to be digitally included.

Digital inclusion in the suburb

What experiences of and attitudes towards digital participation are there in the suburbs? What does political participation look like in a digital society? How are public e-services used? These questions embrace my research interest. In various projects, together with colleagues and other collaboration partners, these issues are examined using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Examples of projects:

Within the framework of a planning project funded by Formas "A digitally sustainable society for all?", a field study in a Swedish suburb was conducted. The field study included, among other things, a survey with 92 questions about digital participation and participation in general.
Within the framework of a collaboration with the Swedish Media Council, a project is being implemented that aims to explore media usage and attitudes among young people in the suburbs.

SeGRID – Sustainable eGovernment for Resilient and Innovative Democratic public administration

Together with colleagues, I organize and implement a school for politicians, civil servants, and civil society representatives from countries in the Baltics, Western Balkans, and EU Eastern Partnerships. The school is funded by the Swedish Institute.

About SeGRID