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Anders Ljungman

Associate Professor, Head of Division, Docent

Docent, Head of Divison of Inflammation and Infection (II).

Small particles and their toxicity

My research focuses on the health effects of particles. Particles so small that they are airborne and respirable.

The particles, which have an aerodynamic diameter of 10 micro meter or less, PM10, constitute a significant part of the air pollutants that affect our health. The research that has been conducted and is ongoing is done in close collaboration with among others, the Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute (Statens Väg- och Transportforskningsinstitut, VTI, in Linköping.

The work focuses on wear and tear particles from tires and road pavement and the inflammatory effects these particles have on the respiratory tract.

In parallel with research I am very much involved in teaching at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, mainly in the Medical Programme and the Medical Biology Programme.

Examination and its importance in learning is an important part of my educational commitment.



Publications in DiVA


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Ali Reza Nosratabadi, Pål Graff, Helen Karlsson, Anders Ljungman, Per Leanderson (2019) Use of TEOM monitors for continuous long-term sampling of ambient particles for analysis of constituents and biological effects Air quality, atmosphere and health, Vol. 12, p. 161-171 Continue to DOI


Zoltán Szabó, Eva Nylander, Anders Ljungman, Andreas Nilsson, Bo Davidsson (2017) Using a heart operation video with live comments to inspire students in pre-clinical studies - A pilot study MedEdPublish Continue to DOI

About me


  • Medical Progamme
  • Biomedical Laboratory Science Programme
  • Bachelor´s Programme in Medical Biology


  • Head of Division of Inflammation and Infection (II)
  • Senior Coordinator of the Medical Programme
  • Part of the Programme Committee of the Medical Programme