Genes, health monitoring, lab rats and climate change

Bioethics is the study of ethical problems raised by the life sciences. Bioethics in this broad sense includes not only biomedical ethics but also animal ethics and environmental ethics. In my research, I focus primarily on four different fields: gene-ethics, personal health monitoring ethics, animal experimentation ethics and climate ethics.


During the last 25 years human genetics has made great progress. This development raises a number of ethical concerns. On what conditions should it be allowed for companies to offer genetic testing via the Internet direct to consumer? Should genetic counselling in prenatal genetic testing be directive or non-directive? To what extent is it ethically acceptable to modify peoples’ genes? These are some of the issues that I study.

Personal health monitoring ethics

My second field of interest is the ethics of information and communication technologies (ICT) in health care. New technical devices make it possible to monitor patients in their homes, for example by fall detection sensors or sensors applied on the body or implanted within it. I investigate the web-rhetoric of companies offering such technologies and discuss issues of privacy and priority setting.

Animal experimentation ethics

Animal experimentation is a central part of biomedical research. However, it is also controversial among the general public. In my research, I focus primarily on ethical issues raised by the production and use of genetically modified animals in animal experimentation, but I also discuss issues of animal experimentation more generally.

Climate ethics

My fourth field is climate ethics. Climate change is a politically very hot topic. Many different societal sectors contribute to greenhouse emissions. I focus on the issue of mitigation of climate change to the extent it is caused by the livestock sector. An important question is: is reduction of meat consumption an ethically desirable measure for mitigation of climate change?

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  • Professor Emeritus, 2018
  • Director of Centre for Applied Ethics, Linköping University, 2007
  • Professor of Bioethics, Centre for Applied Ethics, Linköping University, 2004
  • Associate Professor (universitetslektor) of Applied Ethics, Centre for Applied Ethics, Linköping University, 2003
  • Associate Professor (docent) of Ethics, Uppsala University, 2001
  • Visiting Scholar at Center for Biomedical Ethics, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH, USA, 1997
  • Director of Centre for Research Ethics (Forskningsetiskt forum) at Uppsala University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 1995-1998
  • Research Scholar at the Medical Faculty, Uppsala University, 1994-2003
  • PhD in Philosophy of Religion, Uppsala University, 1994


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