CMHB - Encounters in the medical humanities and bioethics

CMHB - Encounters in the medical humanities and bioethics

The Centre for Medical Humanities and Bioethics (CMHB) is a LiU centre with colleagues from all faculties at Linköping University and Region Östergötland. At CMHB, we want to strengthen and develop research and teaching within the areas of medical humanities and bioethics, as well as our collaboration with the society around us. We work on many levels: locally at the University, regionally, nationally and internationally.

The field of medical humanities examines, for example, experiences of illness and wellbeing, and the conditions for human existence in the light of, in encounters with, and as co-emerging with biomedicine, healthcare, and society. We embrace several perspectives within the humanities and the social sciences. At CMHB, we understand medical humanities in a broad sense, as to involve questions that arise at the intersection between the humanities, the social sciences, biomedicine and clinical practices. We welcome analyses where these different perspectives are put into dialogue with each other. The field of bioethics examines ethical questions and aspects of biomedicine as well as the larger field of the life sciences. At CMHB, we focus on research, teaching, and collaboration, and take the societal impact of our research into consideration.


We conduct research within a broad range of themes within the medical humanities and bioethics, and strive to develop and strengthen research collaboration within these areas, locally, nationally and internationally.


We strive to enable and create teaching collaboration across departments and faculties, primarily but not exclusively at Linköping University.

Collaboration and societal impact

We facilitate dialogue between, for example, researchers, healthcare personnel, and politicians with the aim of stimulating and enabling discussions of important questions within the medical humanities, bioethics, and healthcare – locally, regionally, and nationally.