Photo of Angela Sanseverino

Angela Sanseverino

Senior Research Coordinator

I work as a research coordinator at Grants Office.

A coordinator with research background

Grants Office (GO) and Program Office (PO) offers support in coordinating extensive research projects and programmes. GO and PO is currently active in more than 10 programs and projects.

In my current role I work as a coordinator for the Excellence Center at Linköping-Lund in Information Technology (ELLIIT). ELLIIT is a strategic research environment funded by the Swedish government in 2010, as part of its initiative to support strong research in information technology and mobile communications. ELLIIT has four partners: Linköping University, Lund University, Halmstad University and Blekinge Institute of Technology. Read more about ELLIIT.

In addition to my role as coordinator, I provide support in various internal processes around research applications and research funding.

I have a Master's degree (MSc) in Ecology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and a PhD in Natural Sciences from Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (Germany).