Cognitive training

My research and teaching is about memory and cognitive training with persons with intellectual disability or other disabilities. I study cognitive functions in adults, children and adolescents with intellectual disability.
I am team leader of the Öglan project which investigates learning of basic arithmetic and numeric skills with AI in pupils with intellectual disability.
AI facilitate immediate feedback and reinforcement of correct responses. Preliminary data show positive effects of training.

Executive functions

Executive functions include shifting, updating and inhibition in short-term memory.

The Mastermind project will reveal the effects of training executive functions in children and adolescents with intellectual disability. Multiple cognitive activities depend on executive functions, for example, acting on plans at the intended period of time.

Prospective memory

Persons with intellectual disability often fail to act on everyday plans. We all forget to act on intentions for example, going to the dentist. Being able to come up with new plans is therefore essential. More knowledge is required to choose appropriate aids and support to handle daily challenges. Therefore, it is important to spread new insight to psychologist, and staff working in clinical settings.



I teach disability research and lecture on intellectual disability and cognition on the psychologist, for teachers in special needs schools and mainstream schools, cognitive sciences to mention but a few. I also supervise course essays as well as facilitated seminars around the said disciplines.