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Anna Ljusberg

Medical Physicist and a PhD-student. My research is using advanced magnetic resonance imaging for patients with brain tumors with the aim to better visual tumors and treatment effects.


Quantitative MRI and it potential use for patient with brain tumors

As a medical physicist I have worked at the radiation therapy department at Linköping University hospital for almost 10 years. In my research I aim at using advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to better visualize and identify brain tumors as well as imaging effects of treatment.

Brain tumors appear in both adults and children and is a severe disease. The survival rate for adults is around 50%, while for children it is 85%. Although you might survive, many suffer for late treatment effects such as neurocognitive dysfunftion. Improving the usage of medical imaging is important for these patients to optimize diagnosis and treatment.

About me


2023-2024 Chairman CMIV research school
2022- PhD-student Linköping University
2015- Medical Physicist, Linköping University hospital, Region Östergötland
2013-2015 Medical Physicist, Landstinget Dalarna
2008-2013 Master of science in medical physics, Lund University



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Xuqin Xie, Chuanwen Fan, Bin Luo, Jing Zhang, Lasse Jensen, Jonas Burman, Carolin Jönsson, Anna Ljusberg, Peter Larsson, Zengren Zhao, Xiao-Feng Sun (2023) APR-246 Enhances Colorectal Cancer Sensitivity to Radiotherapy Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Vol. 22, p. 947-961 Continue to DOI