CMIV Research School

Group of PhD students in the lecture hall
CMIV PhD student seminar. Thor Balkhed

CMIV offers a doctoral program for PhD students with both, medical and technical backgrounds. The main principle of our doctoral program is the close collaboration between different disciplines.

The doctoral students have educational background in medicine, health, technology, and natural sciences. What makes the CMIV research school unique is that the supervision team is interdisciplinary. The student’s main supervisor commonly is from their own area of research while assistant supervisors have expertise in other fields. This enables the student to receive guidance from both, the medical and the technical area. 

The PhD students in the CMIV research school meet once a month to discuss current events at CMIV and upcoming courses. After the meeting there is a seminar where the PhD students present their projects to each other and to senior researchers. This is a great opportunity to discuss their work and receive in depth feedback from the senior researchers and other PhD students.

At the annual CMIV conference the students present their projects at a poster session and participate in a workshop or lecture directed by the research school. This enables the students to meet senior researchers, enhance their own research network, and form new collaborations. Once a year the research school also organizes a PhD student day with a workshop or a study visit.

Part of a community

It is really important for a PhD student to be part of a community. It is great to share ideas and experiences and it helps you to learn how to explain your research to people that are not from the same field.
Chiara Trenti,  PhD student CMIV research school

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