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Carina Wennerholm

Associate Professor




Karin Blomquist, Carina Wennerholm, Carina Berterö, Per Sandström, Bergthor Björnsson, Jenny Drott (2023) Motivation and Life Circumstances Affecting Living Habits Prior to Gastrointestinal Cancer Surgery- An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Inquiry, Vol. 60, Article 00469580231170544 Continue to DOI
Charlotte Trulsson, Weimar Ahlgren, Victoria Fomichov, Susanna Ågren, Per A Sandström, Bergthor Björnsson, Carina Wennerholm, Jenny Drott (2023) Attitudes and perceptions of healthcare professionals related to family participation in surgical cancer care - A mixed method study Nursing Open, Vol. 10, p. 2530-2539 Continue to DOI


Farzana Ibrahim, Carina Wennerholm, Per Sandström, Anna Lindhoff Larsson, Bergthor Björnsson, Jenny Drott (2020) In the Shadows of Patients with Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer: An Interview Study with Next of Kin about Their Experiences Participating in Surgical Cancer Care Clinical Nursing Research, Vol. 29, p. 579-586 Continue to DOI


Tomas Faresjö, Johnny Ludvigsson, Carina Wennerholm, Åshild Olsen Faresjö, Hans Nilsson (2019) Folkhälsoskillnaderna består mellan Norrköping och Linköping [Public health differences between »the twin cities« persist]. Läkartidningen, Vol. 116, Article FI6H


Carina Wennerholm (2017) Risks for cardiovascular disease in middle-aged women in different social environments