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Christiane Schmidt

Senior Associate Professor

My research covers Algorithm design and analysis (in particular, in Computational Geometry), Air Traffic Management, Modeling, Optimization, Planning of Railway Traffic.


TNFL01; TNSL22; TNK051; PhD courses: Design and Analysis of Algorithms part 1, 2, and 3; Algorithms on-demand courses

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Christiane Schmidt




Anastasia Lemetti, Lothar Meyer, Maximilian Peukert, Tatiana Polishchuk, Christiane Schmidt (2023) Discrete-Fourier-Transform-Based Evaluation of Physiological Measures as Workload Indicators 2023 IEEE/AIAA 42ND DIGITAL AVIONICS SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, DASC Continue to DOI
Rabii Zahir, Christiane Schmidt, Tomas Lidén (2023) Shift Scheduling for Train Dispatchers Book of Abstracts, p. 120-120
Erik D. Demaine, Maarten Löffler, Christiane Schmidt (2023) Rectangular Spiral Galaxies are still hard Computational geometry, Vol. 110, Article 101949 Continue to DOI
Bengt Nilsson, Christiane Schmidt (2023) k-Transmitter Watchman Routes WALCOM: Algorithms and Computation, p. 202-213 Continue to DOI
William Erlandson, Carl Henrik Häll, Anders Peterson, Christiane Schmidt (2023) Meta-Heuristic for inserting a robust train path in a non-cyclic timetable Transportation planning and technology (Print), Vol. 46, p. 842-863 Continue to DOI