Photo of Davide Sangiovanni

Davide Sangiovanni

Associate Professor, Docent

I am associate professor and docent. My research aims at understanding electronic mechanisms and atomistic phenomena that control the mechanical properties, phase transformations, and surface reactivity of metals and ceramics.


My research activities – based on calculations and simulations on supercomputers – include:

  • (i) Bottom-up design of refractory ceramic alloys and superlattices that retain high mechanical strength, hardness, and toughness from room to elevated (> 1000 ºC) temperatures.
  • (ii) Gaining atomistic and electronic-scale knowledge of gas/surface reactions and mass transport on bulk and 2D materials for applications in crystal growth, catalysis, and oxidation-resistant coatings
  • (iii) Determination of thermodynamic and kinetic conditions for phase transformation and phase segregation in alloys.
  • (iv) Development of theoretical methods and models for evaluation of material properties at conditions of relevance for practical uses.


I am also responsible for the Computational Physics course (4th year students), as well as assistant/lecturer in other undergraduate courses.




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