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Edvin Erdtman

Scientific Editor

I work as scientific editor with the journals hosted by Linköping University Electronic Press and with publishing connected to DiVA, the digital scientific repository of the university.


After a research career in computational chemistry, I now support researchers’ in publishing matters. This includes work with LiU journals, conference support and the publishing of dissertations.

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Academic merits:

Researcher in computational chemistry
PhD in chemistry/biophysical chemistry, Örebro University, 2010
Master in chemistry, Linköping University, 2005

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Articles, books, conference papers


Aylin Atakan, Edvin Erdtman, Peter Mäkie, Lars Ojamäe, Magnus Odén (2018) Time evolution of the CO2 hydrogenation to fuels over Cu-Zr-SBA-15 catalysts Journal of Catalysis, Vol. 362, p. 55-64 Continue to DOI


Pontus Stenberg, Örjan Danielsson, Edvin Erdtman, Pitsiri Sukkaew, Lars Ojamäe, Erik Janzén, Henrik Pedersen (2017) Matching precursor kinetics to afford a more robust CVD chemistry: a case study of the C chemistry for silicon carbide using SiF4 as Si precursor Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Vol. 5, p. 5818-5823 Continue to DOI
Edvin Erdtman, Mike Andersson, Anita Lloyd Spetz, Lars Ojamäe (2017) Simulations of the thermodynamics and kinetics of NH3 at the RuO2 (110) surface Surface Science, Vol. 656, p. 77-85 Continue to DOI



Edvin Erdtman (2010) 5-Aminolevulinic acid and derivatives thereof: properties, lipid permeability and enzymatic reactions