The places, ideas, technologies, and processes of environmental politics

Different ways of handling environmental issues are intertwined with different understandings of them. From this starting point I explore societal processes emerging as green ambitions are put into practice across different places, often channeled through different technologies, as well as the ideas and knowledge that underpin such political programs. Special focus is dedicated to political dimensions such as power, values, and controversies.

As a researcher I am undisciplined, and inspired by different social science perspectives on environmental issues, politics, and technology. I often take critical approaches as point of departure, such as political ecology, socio-technical infrastructure studies, and discourse analysis. A socio-technical perspective on infrastructures, such as energy systems, highlights how these mediate environmental governance and power relations as well as environmental impact in a material, spatial, and social sense.

Energy constitutes a red thread in my research. In my dissertation I studied how experimentation on so-called smart grids arrange environmental governance in broad terms, beyond isolated pilot projects. The study included moving across different places where governance is “done” or accomplished in practice, such as governmental agencies, policy networks, interest organizations, the locations of different experiments, and local public administrations.

In the project “Local solar energy communities – a way towards strengthened energy democracy?” I explore local solar energy community initiatives. The project combines in-depth case studies of local solar energy communities with analysis of the policy landscape they are embedded within,


Research project & networks


CV in short

  • 2021
    PhD in Technology and social change
  • 2015
    PhD student in Technology and Social Change, and the Energy Systems research school, Linköping University 
  • 2015
    Master’s degree (M. Sc) in political science, Linköping University 
  • 2012
    Bachelor’s degree (B. Sc) in environmental science, Linköping University 


  • I teach environmental science, urban and regional planning, and political science, mainly focusing on social processes related to environmental issues.