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Göran Salerud

The research at my institution aims to provide people with the means to live a meaningful life. My research lies within the field of microcirculation, with a basis in biomedical optics. 

Technology, medicine & biology in healthcare

Research and teaching at IMT encompass the fields of technology, medicine and biology, with a task to support and develop the health services, with resources and front line research, which provides necessary conditions for a good and meaningful life. My own research often in cooperation with industry focus on the needs that arise within the microcirculation domain, where biomedical optics can be applied, creating added value at all levels.



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Anne Kari Kvernebo, Takuma Miyamoto, Ane Hasle Sporast, Liv Kristin Wikslund, Svein-Erik Masoy, Liv Drolsum, Morten Carstens Moe, Göran Salerud, Kiyotaka Fukamachi, Knut Kvernebo (2020) Quantification of ocular surface microcirculation by computer assisted video microscopy and diffuse reflectance spectroscopy Experimental Eye Research, Vol. 201, Article 108312 Continue to DOI