Photo of Maria Ewerlöf

Maria Ewerlöf

Senior Research Coordinator

Finding solutions that develop and improve processes, communication and collaboration between people and research areas is my driving force. This is something I often get to exercise in my role as Senior Research Coordinator.

The assignment as Senior Research Coordinator includes a variety of tasks that in various ways support researchers in their work and thereby create good conditions for research activities. I am research coordinator at the Division of Diagnostics and Specialist Medicine (DISP) at the Department of Health, Medicine and Caring Sciences (HMV) and for the LiU Strategic Research Area of Circulation and Metabolism (CircM).  

Research coordinator DISP

As research coordinator at the division DISP, I support researchers in many different areas. This may involve, for example, gathering and disseminating relevant information, pursuing strategic issues and assisting individual research projects.  Another task is to identify and develop opportunities for collaboration at division level and within LiU, but also with other actors in society.  

Research coordinator CircM

As research coordinator for LiU strategic research area CircM, I organize an annual retreat, the seminar series Vetenskapligt forum (Scientific Forum) and other recurring events. I am also responsible for disseminating current information from CircM through newsletters, the website and social media. 

About me


I have developed a method where white visible light is used to measure skin tissue oxygen saturation used for evaluation of wounds and other conditions related to skin microcirculation. I defended my thesis in 2022 at the Department of Biomedical Engineering. 

Other commissions

  • Representative at the local Saco-S board
  • Representative at the local board of Sveriges ingenjörer
  • Convenor of the Saco-S workgroup for PhD student related issues
  • Union representative at the local collaboration group (LSG) at BKV