Teaching, learning, and development

Healthcare is on the brink of a revolution: demographics are changing, disease panoramas are changing, and our expectations are changing. At the same time, the technological development creates conditions for new ways of working with an increased focus on the individual and on knowledge. But the technology must be used in a rational way, and I want to contribute to making healthcare a learning ecosystem of information.

E-health – using digital tools and exchanging information digitally to achieve and maintain health – is to mee a way of achieving good care. A way to make care accessible, equal, safe, and effective; individualized and knowledge-based.

I am fascinated by the complexity of the health care system, and our research is about connecting its various components and systems. With the help of information models, ontologies, and knowledge representation, we want to create an infrastructure for feedback systems of systems where, for example, information about patients and knowledge supply are interconnected. Through that technology we can strengthen our ability to take care of ourselves and participate in our own well-being.

As a teacher, I see the students as co-creators of knowledge: knowledge is, from my point of view, created through dialogue and interaction. We read, reflect, and try our thoughts against others and each other, which also creates conditions for developing skills that are needed for a sustainable work life and, in the long run, a sustainable society.

As chairman of the board of studies, I want our work to have a strong focus on learning and pedagogical development, which I to varying degrees have the privilege of doing in courses given by Didacticum. My driving force is to see students and colleagues develop, and I'm passionate about doing things together.

About me

Fields of teaching

  • Master of science (civilingenjör) in biomedical engineering
  • Master’s program in biomedical engineering
  • Medical program
  • Faculty-wide course in eHealth


  • Chairman of the Board of Studies for Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics