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Helen Karlsson

Adjunct Associate Professor

My research is about environmental pollutants and exposure-related health risks. The purpose is to gain increased knowledge about when and how exposure to environmental pollutants can adversely affect health.

The introduction of deliberately manufactured nanomaterials, as well as the presence of unintentionally created nanomaterials, entails new challenges from an environment, health and safety perspective.These exposures can take place in work environments as well as in external environments.

In ongoing research projects, health risks related to metal particle exposures in work environments involving old and new manufacturing techniques are investigated. Traditional clinical analyses are combined with detailed protein analyses in blood and nasal lavage fluids to gain increased knowledge about mechanisms that can lead to adverse health effects. My goal is to contribute to improved opportunities for prevention and treatment.


About me


  • Master in Biology, Linköping University, 2002
  • Licentiate (Medicine) 2005-06-09: Lipoproteomics: Mapping of proteins in LDL and HDL, Th.73
  • PhD (Medicine) 2007-03-29: Lipoproteomics: A new approach to the identification and characterization of proteins in LDL and HDL. Link.Med.Diss.986
  • Post Doc, 2007-03-30-2009-12-31, HDLomics, EU-FP6-2005, no. 037631
  • Ass. Prof. Environmental Medicine, Linkoping University, Feb. 2017

Fields of Teaching

  • The medical doctor's program; Lectures, supervision of projects and PBL groups



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