Photo of Huan-Ji Dong

Huan-Ji Dong

Adjunct Associate Professor, Docent

Senior consultant and associate professor in rehabilitation medicine. My research is about interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation for patients with comorbidities, in particular, obesity. Pain in older adults is another subfield of my research. 


In everyday clinical practice, I meet patients with chronic pain and comorbidities, since pain is seldom the only health condition. Pain management needs a biopsychosocial perspective and patients with comorbidities may benefit from a patient-tailored approach.

My research is based on a biopsychosocial view of pain and is focused on two areas:

  1. The effects of multimodal pain rehabilitation. I investigate rehabilitation effects on patients with chronic pain and obesity using a quality register for interdisciplinary pain rehabilitation.
  2. Pain in older adults. I investigate pain aspects in population-based studies as well as research on rehabilitation in vulnerable older patients.

Pedagogical presentation 

About me


  • 2022 – Senior consultant, Dept. of Pain and Rehabilitation Center, Region Östergötland
  • 2021 – Associate professor in rehabilitation medicine
  • 2020 – Specialist physician in rehabilitation medicine, Dept. of Pain and rehabilitation, Region Östergötland
  • 2012 –2020 -Physician (internship and residency), Region Östergötland
  • 2010-2014 - PhD in geriatric medicine, Linköping University