Photo of Hulda Karlsson

Hulda Karlsson

PhD student

Hulda Karlsson's research concerns prosocial decision-making. She has also previously done
research on intrusive memories after trauma and future mental imagery.


Clinical psychologist
M.Sc. Psychology
Civilsamhällets honorable mention 2020



Hajdi Moche, Hulda Karlsson, Daniel Västfjäll (2024) Victim identifiability, number of victims, and unit asking in charitable giving PLOS ONE, Vol. 19, Article e0300863 Continue to DOI


Hulda Karlsson, Erkin Asutay, Daniel Västfjäll (2023) A causal link between mental imagery and affect-laden perception of climate change related risks Scientific Reports, Vol. 13 Continue to DOI
Erkin Asutay, Hulda Karlsson, Daniel Västfjäll (2023) Affective responses drive the impact neglect in sustainable behavior iScience, Vol. 26, Article 108280 Continue to DOI


Anna Malmquist, Mattias Hjerpe, Erik Glaas, Hulda Karlsson, Tina Lassi (2022) Elderly Peoples Perceptions of Heat Stress and Adaptation to Heat: An Interview Study International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 19, Article 3775 Continue to DOI


Hulda Karlsson, Simon Hellstrom, Hajdi Moche, Daniel Västfjäll (2020) Unit Asking - a method for increasing donations: A replication and extension Judgment and decision making, Vol. 15, p. 989-993