Jens Birch is a professor in Materials Science and obtained his PhD at Linköping University in 1994.

My research focuses at understanding the physics and materials science behind creation of new artificial 0D, 1D, and 2D nanostructures as well as multilayers in the size-range 0.2-50 nm, typically with new unique physical properties. The materials range from amorphous metals and oxides to single crystal Group-III Nitride semiconductors, providing multifunctional properties to X-ray and neutron optics, neutron detectors, opto-electronics, and hard protective coatings for cutting tools and space applications. 

My expert field is advanced PVD synthesis and materials characterization. I am taking an active role in Swedish development of scattering techniques for in situ thin film characterization at the major European large scale materials research infrastructures; the Swedish High-Energy Materials Science beamline SMS (P21) at the PETRA III synchrotron in Hamburg, the Swedish neutron reflectometer Super ADAM at ILL, Grenoble, and the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund.

I am leading the Thin Film Physics division at LiU. which is comprised of 7 units, summing up to about 75 researchers, PhD students, technical and administrative personel.