Practice-based sports research

My research is practice-based and involves direct collaboration with those involved in sports.

My research aims to explore and create models that help to improve sustainability in sport and the health of sporting participants. For example, I have conducted research into the occurrence and mechanisms of injury within individual sports, primarily within track & field. This research focused on child and youth athletes, as well as elite adults.

My current areas of research include epidemiology, the prevention of overuse injuries and strategies for knowledge transfer, i.e. how to make sports research more available to practice.

About me


  • Certified physical therapist 1992, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. 
  • Doctor of Medicine (PhD), Linköping University 2012.
  • Postdoctoral studies, Linköping University 2016-2019.
  • Member of the research team at the Athletics Research Center, Linköping University.
  • Member of the World Athletics research group into health in athletics.
  • Co-supervisor to doctoral students: Victor Bargoria (physician), Ben Raysmith (physiotherapist)

Other assignments

I work clinically as a sports & exercise physiotherapist in Stockholm.

I have been involved in the Swedish Athletics Association since 1997 and have been head physiotherapist at several international track & field championships and at the Olympic Games.

I am also currently a medical coordinator at the Swedish Athletics Association.






Ongoing research projects

  • Prevention of overuse injuries in children’s (12-15 years) track & field (in collaboration with Swedish Athletics).
  • RIG FRISK: Health education for elite youth athletes: Development of health literacy using mobile learning at sports high schools (in collaboration with the Swedish Athletics and National Sports Association).
  • The Kenyan and Swedish running injury prevention study (in collaboration with Moi University, Kenya).
  • Track & Field athletes’ health, injuries and illnesses studies (in collaboration with World Athletics).
  • A systems approach to evaluating factors that influence performance success or failure in individual sports (in collaboration with the Australian Athletics and Australian Collaboration for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP) Federation University, Australia)