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Per-Olof Hansson

Associate Professor

Teaching methods or pedagogical content knowledge are my teaching assignments at LiU. My research of m-learning takes place mostly in Kenya and in Ethiopia, where I am also a director of two secondary schools. 

Mobile technology to impact learning

Innovations of mobile technology can impact informal and formal learning. My research interest is mobile learning (m-learning) to create opportunities for learning and knowledge production via smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices. Primarily the research setting is in Kenya, which is to be consider as a “mobile rich” country and technology integrated in the society (i.e. m-pesa). Kenya and Kenyan runners were participants in my dissertation where I investigated their use of smartphones in training, learning and to improve their daily lives.  

In collaboration with UNFPA in Nairobi is the goal to create m-learning courses in entrepreneurship, urban agriculture etc.

I work together with the LiU-initiative ”Smart Savannah” to protect the black rhino from poaching. In this project it is possible to educate the park rangers in their smartphones. In addition, I participate in the project “Shrinking municipalities” in collaboration with CKS.


I teach pedagogical content knowledge of Social Science at Teacher Education Programme. The courses are about curriculum and syllabi for primary and secondary school, teaching methods, assessment, globalization etc. I am responsible for field studies in Ethiopia and Kenya. I am supervisor and responsible for teaching placement. Thus, create opportunities for students to do teaching practice in Kenya, Ethiopia, India, Brazil or Japan. Global exposure is important even when you work in the Swedish context.

Research Project



Jenny Jacobsson, Dejan Mirkovic, Per-Olof Hansson, Carolina Lundqvist, Robert Henry Mann, Ulrika Traneus (2023) Youth athletes at Swedish sports high schools with an athletics specialism emphasise environmental support for injury risk management: a focus group study BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine, Vol. 9, Article e001527 Continue to DOI
Jenny Jacobsson, Jan Kowalski, Toomas Timpka, Per-Olof Hansson, Armin Spreco, Örjan Dahlström (2023) Universal prevention through a digital health platform reduces injury incidence in youth athletics (track and field): a cluster randomised controlled trial British Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol. 57, p. 364-371 Continue to DOI
Per-Olof Hansson, Marcus Samuelsson, Marie-Louise Höög (2023) Teaching Avatars on Controversial Issues: Lessons Learned IAFOR Journal of Education, Vol. 11, p. 61-78 Continue to DOI
Toomas Timpka, Kristina Fagher, Victor Bargoria, Christer A Andersson, Jenny Jacobsson, Håkan Gauffin, Per-Olof Hansson, Paolo Emilio Adami, Stephane Bermon, Örjan Dahlström (2023) Injury acknowledgement by reduction of sports load in world-leading athletics (track and field) athletes varies with their musculoskeletal health literacy and the socioeconomic environment British Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol. 57, p. 849-854 Continue to DOI


Marcus Samuelsson, Camilla Prytz, Per-Olof Hansson, David Ludvigsson, Marie-Louise Höög (2022) Träning av praktisk ämnesdidaktik i virtuell praktik: pedagogiskt utvecklingsprojekt för e-lärande 2020


Short summary


  • Responsible of Social Science at Teacher Education Programme
  • Project coordinator of International profile at Teacher Education Programme
  • Responsible for international field trips in Social Science
  • Responsible for teaching placement in Social Science
  • Coordinator of Linnaeus – Palme with University of Nairobi and Université d'abomey-Calavi, Benin.


  • DISA (Pedagogical content knowledge of Social Science)

Research projects

  • Centre for Research in Eastern Africa and Sweden (CREAS)
  • Collaboration with UNFPA in Nairobi of m-learning projects
  • Smart Savannah at LiU
  • Shrinking municipalities in collaboration with CKS
  • Overuse injury prevention and anti-doping promotion for Kenyan elite runners. 


  • Teaching at Teacher Education Programme, Social Science. Course in Social Science (course 1-4), field studies, supervisor, teaching placement and summer course in Kenya.

Academical merits

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 2015, Educational research: Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master of Education for Primary and Secondary school, Social Science with International profile, 1994