Within the unit of clinical medicine, we conduct research and teaching in geriatrics, general medicine, occupational and environmental medicine and pain and rehabilitation medicine.

General Medicine

General medicine is the science that, with primary care as the basis, is responsible for the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of all chronic folk diseases as well as acute illness symptoms in a defined population. Our research includes larger and smaller projects in several of the research fields, patient groups and disease panoramas found in primary care, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, infections, public health, stress and prevention.

Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Occupational and Environmental Medicine is a wide-ranging preventive medicine specialty that combines occupational medicine and environmental medicine. Our clinical works are to identify, prevent and treat work-related illnesses and injuries by investigating and eliminating environmental factors in the work environment and the outdoor and indoor environments that may affect our health.

In addition to clinical management of patients with occupational illnesses and injuries, we also work with research and disseminate knowledge about work environment and health. Our research mainly deals with how the work and environmental factors affect health through methods that study how injuries occur at molecular, cellular and organ level as well as at individual and group level. The research areas we are engaged in are environmental risks, psychosocial work environment, ergonomics, work-related respiratory diseases, and pathophysiological mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. 

As an integrated medicine unit with staff from Linkoping University Hospital and Linkoping University we carry out education for medical students, graduates, personnel at company health service, and employees.


Geriatrics is a science that focuses on the medical conditions and functions of the older individual. Some define gerontology as the science that studies normal aging, while geriatrics focuses more on the diseases of aging. But in practice, gerontological and geriatric research is usually integrated. Our research can be divided into two major research tracks: the older multi-sick individual and dementia.

Pain and rehabilitation medicine

In Sweden, the topic of rehabilitation medicine includes neurological rehabilitation (eg after stroke) and rehabilitation in the case of long-term pain. The rehabilitation and pain medicine fields thus partly overlap. Traditionally, pain medicine comprises three groups of clinical conditions: acute pain (with clear points of anesthesiology), long-term pain, and cancer-related pain. Our research and teaching cover all these fields, in close collaboration with the Östergötland Region. The research ranges from molecules (see PAINOMICS) to society.



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