Violence victimization – Prevalent and associated to ill-health

A large number of studies have shown that experiences of different forms of violence victimization is prevalent among both men and women, including older adults.

Violence can be physical, emotional, sexual or financial and also includes neglect. Violence and abuse occurs in all kinds of relationships, including between intimate partners and family members. Men and women are also victimized within health care and social care. Victims reporting experiencing one form of violence or abuse are at increased risk of being subjected to other forms of violence and/or violence by other perpetrators ( referred to as polyvictimization).

Violence victimization is strongly associated with different forms of ill-health. Even so, patients experience of victimization is often unknown to care givers. The long term goal of my research is to be a part of making health care better for victims of violence and abuse. At this moment my primary focus is on research concerning elder abuse within the project REAGERA – Responding to Elder Abuse in GERiAtric care.



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