Tao Lin, Liding Zhang, Jonas Björk, Zhi Chen, Mario Ruben, Johannes V. Barth, Florian Klappenberger

Terminal Alkyne Coupling on a Corrugated Noble Metal Surface: From Controlled Precursor Alignment to Selective Reactions

In Chemistry - A European Journal

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Borja Cirera, Olga Trukhina, Jonas Björk, Giovanni Bottari, Jonathan Rodriguez-Fernandez, Alberto Martin-Jimenez, Mikhail K. Islyaikin, Roberto Otero, Jose M. Gallego, Rodolfo Miranda, Tomas Torres, David Ecija

Long-Range Orientational Self-Assembly, Spatially Controlled Deprotonation, and Off-Centered Metalation of an Expanded Porphyrin

In Journal of the American Chemical Society

Article in journal

B. Cirera, Jonas Björk, R. Otero, J. M. Gallego, R. Miranda, D. Ecija

Efficient Lanthanide Catalyzed Debromination and Oligomeric Length-Controlled Ullmann Coupling of Aryl Halides

In The Journal of Physical Chemistry C

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2010: PhD in Chemistry, University of Liverpool

2007: Master of Science (Fil. Mag.) in Physics, Göteborg University

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ORCID: 0000-0002-1345-0006