Photo of Karoline Waltelius

Karoline Waltelius

Head of Division, Administrator

As head of department, I take part in shaping, building & leading the administrative & technical support. To lead a group striving towards the same goal is fun, stimulating & inspiring.

Administrative & technical support

As head of department I represent the university & the department in relation to our employees & the unions at LiU. I am member of the decision making at my department, and take part in developing our organization, hiring new staff and budgeting for the years to come.

About me


  • Management support
  • To ensure that we follow the university's local regulations and the department's instructions, decisions and delegation arrangements.
  • To ensure that the tasks that the department undertakes in research, education and collaboration are carried out.
  • Personnel and financial responsibility
  • To ensure that action plans for work environment, equal conditions and environment are followed, and that risk assessments regarding the department's operations are carried out.

Internal duties

  • Member of the institutional board
  • Participates in the management team
  • Participates in forum for business development
  • Purchasing orders
  • Fire safety representative
  • Work environment coordinator
  • Responsible for Corporate Eurocard - crossborder payments


  • Network for administrative managers at the university