I work in education, mainly in the Physiotherapy Program at basic level. I am passionate about teaching. To be able to make a subject interesting and understanding the students difficulties and promote learning is one of my strengths. I have extensive clinical experience and also experience from research by participating as the attending physiotherapist in various studies.


I have participated as attending physiotherapist in various studies such as subacromial pain, epikondyalgia and WAD (Whiplash Associated Disorders). 

My research interests are in the back pain and implementation area.


About me


  • 1990 Registered Physical Therapist
  • 2013 Master's degree in Physical Therapy
  • 2013 LSR specialist in Orthopedics
  • 2021 PhD
  • 2023 Associate professor


  • Excellent Inspirer 2015, 2017 and 2019
    - Awarded by the student union Consensus by vote from students at the PT-program
  • Nominated "Pedagogue of the year" 2022


  • Semester 1, 3, 5, 6 of physiotherapy program in elective course of elementary education
  • pain and pain management at the graduate level