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Allan Abbott


My aim is to develop and deliver high quality teaching, research and supervision. I also want to contribute to  development and implementation of evidence based physiotherapy with the ultimate goal of improving clinical practice and patient outcomes.


My work expands musculoskeletal, neurological and cardio-respiratory fields with special interest in spinal orthopaedics and chronic pain.

My research interests include epidemiology and mechanisms of injury and illness, clinical diagnostics, outcome prediction and evaluation of physiotherapeutic interventions.

Etiologi and prevention of spinal deformities

Aging, heredity, biomechanical factors, neuroendocrinal and neuromuscular functional impairments have been suggested as contributing causes to spinal deformities. The aim of this research program is to provide new knowledge of etiological mechanisms which can be translated to more effective individualised prevention and treatment measures for spinal deformities.

Diagnostics and treatment of back and neck pain

The accuracy of a concise history taking and appropriate physical assessment is of importance to identify causal mechanisms and provide focused interventions for neck and back pain conditions. The aim of this research program is to improve the diagnostic accuracy for identifying causal mechanisms and the effectiveness of stratified prevention and treatment methods for neck and back pain.

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  • Clinical service 20% at the Orthopedic Clinic, Linköping University Hospital, Region Östergötland
  • Chairman

Other assignments

  • Chairman - Nationell arbetsgrupp för personcentrerat och sammanhållet vårdförlopp för ländryggsmärta öppenvård
  • Member – Svenska Ryggregistret (SWESPINE), BOA registret – Bättre omhändertagande av patienter med artros


  • Lectures, practical skills teaching, PBL tutorials, seminars and examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions
  • Supervisor – undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree research students


I am an Associate professor and Physiotherapist with a background in primary and specialist health care with advanced experience in the areas of orthopedics, pain and sports medicine.


  • 2016 Associate Professor in Physiotherapy, Linköping University, Sweden
  • 2014 Adjunct Associate Professor in Physiotherapy, Bond University, Australia
  • 2014 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Education, Bond University, Australia (30 HP)
  • 2010 PhD in Medical Science, PhD, Karolinska Institute, Sweden (240HP)
    Dissertation title: Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and lumbar fusion surgery
    Defence date: 2010-06-04
    Supervisor: Professor Rune Hedlund
    Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Raija Tyni-Lenné
  • 2001 Master Degree in Physiotherapy, Griffith University, Australia (240HP)
  • 1999 Bachelor degree in Exercise Science, professional title: Exercise Physiologist, Griffith University, Australia (180hp)



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