Photo of Karin Valeskog

Karin Valeskog


I'm an assistant lecturer at the Physiotherapy program, I work as an educational developer at Didacticum and I'm a PhD student in Medical Education.


For several years I have worked as a program manager for the physiotherapist program's undergraduate education and as a teacher in most courses in the physiotherapist program's undergraduate education. From the spring of 2022, my assignment on the Physiotherapist program is limited to course responsibility in semester one to provide space for an exciting assignment as an educational developer at Didacticum. Furthermore, I am a doctoral student in Medical Education with a focus on students' development of clinical reasoning.

I am genuinely interested in different aspects of learning and pedagogy and curious about how new thoughts, ideas and different research fields can be incorporated into my role as an educator.



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Hans Moller, Johan Creutzfeldt, Karin Valeskog, Hans Rystedt, Samuel Edelbring, Madelen Fahlstedt, Li Fellander-Tsai, Madeleine Abrandt Dahlgren (2022) Technology-Enhanced Learning of Human Trauma Biomechanics in an Interprofessional Student Context Teaching and learning in medicine, Vol. 34, p. 135-144 Continue to DOI