Research about living with dementia

I'm doing research on social interaction involving persons with communicative disabilities, i.e. dementia. For example, how persons with Alzheimer's disease and their significant others re-organize their social interaction to manage the challenges presented by the disease.

I am professor of Social Psychology and director of Center for Dementia Research (CEDER). I'm also guest professor at Nordland University, Bodö, Norway.

I received my Ph.D. in Psychology from Stockholm University in 1988. I worked at Stockholm University and from 1997 at Linköping University. I am Advisory Board Member at The Centre for Narrative Research, University of East London, and member of the research group around the ESCR founded program ”Neighbourhoods and Dementia Research Project”, at Manchester University, UK.

I have written and edited some fifteen books, most recently Health, Culture and Illness: Broken Narratives (with Jens Brockmeier), Beyond Narrative Coherence (with Matti Hyvärinen, Maria Saarenheimo and Maria Tamboukou), The Travelling Concept of Narrative (with Matti Hyvärinen and Mari Hatavara), Beyond Loss: Dementia, Personhood, Identity (with Hilde Lindemann and Jens Brockmeier), and What is Narrative Research? (with Corinne Squire, Molly Andrews and others).





Elzana Odzakovic, Lars-Christer Hyden, Karin Festin, Agneta Kullberg

People diagnosed with dementia in Sweden: What type of home care services and housing are they granted? A cross-sectional study

In Scandinavian Journal of Public Health

Article in journal

Selected publications

Cutting Brussels sprouts: Collaboration involving persons with dementia

Authors: Lars-Christer Hydén

Publ 2014
Type Article in journal
To publication

Feedback and common ground in conversational storytelling involvning people with Alzheimer's disease

Authors: Lars-Christer Hydén, Charlotta Plejert, Christina Samuelsson, Linda Örulv

Publ 2012
Type Article in journal
To publication

Narrative collaboration and scaffolding in dementia

Authors: Lars-Christer Hydén

Publ 2011
Type Article in journal
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