My doctoral thesis is part of Descriptive Translation Studies, and focuses on August Strindberg in English translation. Key words: translation, Strindberg, censorship, Victorian literature, sexuality, polysystems theory, imagology, Actor-Network Theory.

I have been working as a teacher of English at Linköping University since 1999. My teaching experience spans over anything from English Grammar, Translation and Translation Theory, Literature, Cultural Studies to Teaching Pedagogy and International Business English.

Since the year 2000, I have been the head of English for the Secondary and Upper-Secondary Teachers’ Programme at Linköping University. As of 2010, I am pursuing my doctoral dissertation as part of my work description.



Academic degrees

Master of Arts English, Linköping University 2004 

Master of Education for the Upper Secondary School, Linköping University 1990


Assistant Lecturer in English

Part-time doctoral student, the Graduate School in Language and Culture in Europe

PhD Supervisor