About me

Digitalization for Growth

Digitalization is making inroads in all parts of business, changing the way customers are interacting with suppliers and their offerings which requires new marketing activities and firms need to adapt to these changes to take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

This is what Lisa is currently studying. Her research primarily involves digitalization of interactions between customers and companies throughout the customer journey, before, during and after a purchase and especially in a Business-to-Business (B2B) contexts. She studies how B2B companies can leverage digital technology to manage the entire customer journey.



Research focus and interests

Customer journeys

Value can be created throughout the so-called customer journey, which can be explained as all touchpoints over time between a supplier and a customer, before, during and after and actual purchase.


When a customer is in contact with the supplier or its offerings, digitally or physically and which together make up the total customer experience.


Advancements in digital services and the use of digital technologies are becoming increasingly important tools in a wide range of industries as companies find new ways to interact with customers to create value. Firms must therefore be able to identify, plan and facilitate opportunities for value creation with the aim of engaging customers at relevant points of interaction to build valuable business relationships.