09 June 2023

“It’s fun and challenging to be a doctorate student. I enjoy doing research, and now I know it’s something I want to keep doing,” says Lisa Lundin at the Division of Industrial Management. Her time at LiU has included research into digital customer journeys.

Lisa Lundin at Liu.
Lisa Lundin ar PhD Liu. Karin Midner

“I’d recommend anyone looking for stimulating work to apply for a doctoral student position at LiU. Your work here can change society, and also who you are as a person. There’s also ample opportunity to travel and see many places, which I really enjoy!”

Lisa Lundin is originally from Lund, and has a master’s degree in sociotechnical systems engineering from Uppsala. Her interest in doing research began when she was working on her dissertation, and shortly after graduating she realised her dream of studying for a PhD.

“In my view, I get to take more responsibility here than in a normal job, which is a positive thing, as it makes me want to develop even more. I feel fortified when I’ve finished a difficult task.”

“It’s a luxury to be working in an area you’re passionate about”

She recently published a paper on digital business-to-business customer journeys. Lisa Lundin at LiU.Lisa Lundin already has plans for her coming work at LiU; she will now give extra focus to touchpoints. Photo credit Karin Midner

“It’s a luxury to be working in an area you’re passionate about. I’m doing this for my own development, and I’m driven by my interest. These two years have given me the ability to analyse, reason and reflect over things in a whole new way. Personal development is a fantastic thing, and here it comes with the job.”

All these new opportunities that open up with digitalisation, and how digital technology can be used to influence touchpoints, actors’ roles and ultimately the whole process, is what is exciting to Lisa Lundin.

“It’s fascinating how a supplier can work with the customers and that it’s possible to change and influence the way they interact. It’s possible to follow the customer from when they start thinking of buying something, through the various stages of the purchase process, to the actual usage of the product or service.”

The best time of her life

Lisa Lundin is two years into her five-year doctoral student position at LiU. Although the work is quite challenging, she really enjoys her job and her colleagues.
“Before I became a doctorate student, many people told me that this would be the best time of my life, and I tend to agree with that.”

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